Ready, set, shoot!


A couple weeks ago, I received an email from my mother-in-law. A co-worker of hers is friends with a talent scout. They were looking for a 3-5 year old boy who is articulate for a commercial shoot. My mother-in-law showed her co-worker a picture of Brae and raved about his “Brae-isms.”

A few hours later, I received a call from our local NBC affiliate. They wanted Brae in the shoot. As my head was spinning, I recall she said something about it being a commercial by a national preschool/early learning corporation that wanted to promote reading in its schools. Apparently, the fact that Brae neither attends these learning centers, and cannot read, is of no consequence.

Two days later, Brae and I drove to the shoot at a nearby park. On our way, Brae said, rather solemnly, “Mom, now that I’m going to be on TV, does that mean that I’m never going to see Daddy or Sienna again?” I smiled. “No, son. Just because you’re going to be on TV doesn’t mean you’re going to live in the TV. You’ll see Daddy and Sienna tonight.” He sighed.

The shoot itself was amazing. Ten production crew and one little boy. The two scenes they were trying to capture with Brae had to do with Brae holding a ladybug and looking through a magnifying glass, and then a separate shot of Brae and me walking down a path, holding a book. It took 90 minutes to get those two scenes.

Brae was such a trooper. He had complained when he’d woken up that morning that his tummy hurt. I thought it was just nerves, and shrugged it off. At the shoot, he was a little shy at first, and then let his personality shine. When he did, he had the crew in stitches. On our way to his school after the shoot, Brae again complained his tummy hurt. I thought, again, it was just part of the adrenaline. I dropped him off at school. Sure enough, a few hours later, the teacher called saying he was in the bathroom, puking. Poor lil guy. I told him it was all part of living the famous actor lifestyle. ; )

The talent scout said the commercial would air in Oregon and SW Washington. She said she’d send me the file when it is produced. Of course, I’ll post it here. ; )

spring 2013 001

spring 2013 002

spring 2013 003

spring 2013 004

spring 2013 005

spring 2013 006

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