Scenes from a No-Kids Vacay


Last week, we went on our annual “no-kids” vacation.

Although these are always good for us, and our marriage, it is a test of patience for me. Each day is a countdown until I can see the kiddos again.

My parents (saints) graciously took the kids for the nine days. We called home every night. It was the highlight of my day. We’d hear Brae tell and re-tell the story of him and grandpa going fishing, and not catching any fish. We’d hear Sienna babble incessently, punctuated by a few intermittent decipherable words. We’d hear my mom say how they were doing fine, and not to worry. And, we’d hang up the phone, knowing this was much more torturous for us than them.

When the kids arrived at home after vacation, they surprised me. They sneaked in through the garage door as I was lurking over my phone in the kitchen. I turned around and screamed. Then, tears started streaming down my face.

Brae stopped dead in his tracks, startled by my scream. Then, as I raced toward him, he started shaking. He dropped his backpack to the floor, smiled, and tears ran down his face. I hugged him.

Sienna came racing in next, screaming and smiling. I held them both for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t hold them long enough.

Sienna had changed. At that age, they grow so quickly. Her hair was longer. Her cheeks a little less pudgy. She seemed … older.

I’m already not looking forward to next year.

Here are a few scenes from our vacation:

spring 2013 014

spring 2013 022

spring 2013 026v2

spring 2013 031

spring 2013 045v2

spring 2013 050

spring 2013 055

spring 2013 058




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