Sometimes you encounter situations with your kids that you really don’t want to laugh at and have to cough one back because you don’t want to encourage certain behavior.

Over the weekend, I went into Grant and Maria’s room to get them out of bed and was accosted by the overwhelming smell of vapor rub. When I looked at Grant I discovered that he used tools (likely stuff animals and his detached sheet) to reach the container that was on his dresser. His face and hair was greasy and his bed was covered in a nice layer of vapor rub. He looked at me and his face turned sad as he saw my displeasure. He quickly declared “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Maria followed up with “I didn’t do it. G did it.” As irritated as I was, I wanted to laugh at both of their statements and Grant’s greasy little face. He was very distraught for the next hour while his bear and blanket were being laundered. That was punishment enough.

Later on the kids were playing in the sprinkler when Maria figured out how to turn the faucet on and off. While Grant wasn’t paying attention she turned the water off. Grant curiously went to the sprinkler and I looked at Maria. She gave me a devilish smile as she turned the water on as Grant leaned over the sprinkler. I couldn’t help it this time. I cracked up.


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