Moms… who ride in limos.


This last weekend we celebrated a good friend’s 30th birthday. Bonus was that our other good friend was able to come as well. We are all great friends who have known eachother for close to a decade. Our husbands are each friends from either elementary school or college. And, we are each moms, with two kiddos apiece. Safe to say we’ve been through a lot together.

Our friend’s husband went above the call of duty and actually rented a 25-person, white, stretch Escalade limo. It’s the largest limo in the state.

Needless to say, we were tickled.

The night was so much fun (restaurant hopping, against the backdrop of PG-rated 90s rap music), but probably the most fun is that us moms got to peel out of our sweats, throw on some makeup, and actually curl our hair. We were determined to not let anyone think we had lost our mojo simply because we were now moms. So, to that end, our dresses may have been a tad shorter, and the lips a shade redder, than normal. But, I’m proud to say that we mingled with the best of them.

And, the only evidence of our mom status was the fact that we quietly slinked out, and were in our beds, before midnight.

spring 2013 011 v2

spring 2013 002 v2

spring 2013 010v2<

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