Homestudy: Part II


We had our second homestudy visit last week. Apart from a few awkward moments, it went well. The caseworker interviewed Tygh separately, and “observed” our children. She later told Tygh that our children are “perfect.” (What parent doesn’t love hearing that?)

This time around is just very different than our other homestudy visits. Every word, gesture, glance seems scrutinized and, dare I say, judged?

I understand why. Unlike domestic adoption or embryo adoption where the birth/genetic family get to choose, here the State is choosing. And, also unlike domestic adoption or embryo adoption, there likely was not much willingness on the part of the birthfamily that caused the relinquishment/termination of parental rights. So, in a sense, the stakes are higher.

But, it is still really uncomfortable to have a 360-degree analysis of your family and your lifestyle.

Next up is my one-on-one visit with the caseworker, followed by one more “family observation” visit. Still hoping the report will be complete, and we’ll be officially a “waiting family” by August.

One very cute and heartwarming moment happened right when the caseworker arrived. Brae greeted her at the door with the following exchange:

Brae: “Hi. I’m Brae. B-r-a-e. I’m adopted. I’m special. When are you going to give us a baby?”

Caseworker: “Hi. Yes, you are special. It’s going to be a while.”


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