We recently started tee ball.  It’s been a long time coming.  I signed the kids up in March and didn’t realize how long that was for a three year old to wait.  Grant has been excitedly telling people about playing tee ball since I registered them.  We recently had orientation and their first practice.  Grant was all in and Maria declined to participate, which didn’t really surprise me.  Our coaches (volunteers, who are likely atoning for past sins) said not to be concerned if some kids decided they didn’t want to play or wanted one of their parents right next to them.  These are three year olds and often the exercise is more akin to herding cats than anything.

Our first game was June 1 and again Grant was all in.  Maria agreed to practice and did throw the ball to her coach and practiced batting, but when it came time for the game, she lost interest while the other team was at bat.  Grant stood in the infield ready for a ball to come at him, although he didn’t quite know what to do.  Maria, stood in the outfield with me by her side, but when it came time to bat and run the bases, she declined.  She was not thrilled with putting on the batting helmet and become more interested in the snacks to come after the game than the game itself. 

Jeremy decided to get them a batting helmet and a tee so we could practice at home and hopefully get Maria engaged and comfortable enough to participate.  In practicing at home, both kids have demonstrated their preference to bat opposite of their dominate handedness.  Maria, a lefty, is batting right and Grant, a righty is batting left.  We chalked it up them just doing their “twin thing.”  Maria has also grown comfortable with her batting helmet and demonstrated this while streaking naked throughout the house after baths one evening.  Time will tell if this comfort level will carry itself to the ball field while fully clothed.

The season only lasts five weeks, which at first seemed short, but once I realized that both teams have all kids bat twice, five weeks didn’t seem quite so short.  Honestly, I’m not a fan of baseball and won’t be sad if they decide they don’t want to play again next season!  Given Maria’s soccer ball dribbling skills, I think (hope) we’ll end up more involved with soccer down the road.  For now, we’ll enjoy the entertainment that is three year old tee ball. 


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