To My Daughter, on her 2nd Birthday





Dear Sienna,

Whenever you read this, whether it’s ten years from now reading it for the first time, or seventy years from now, after I’m long gone, I want you to know these certain truths about you, and never forget them.

1. I love you. I love everything about you. From how your eyes turn into crescent moons when you smile big, to the frown on your brow when you don’t get your way. I love it all.

2. You will never lose my love. I know there will come a day when you slam the door in my face, when you curse my name, and maybe tell me you wish I wasn’t your mom. I’ve steeled myself for that day, and I want you to know now, before it even happens, that I will love you still.

3. You are wanted. Mommy and Daddy longed and ached for you, for years. God moved mountains to bring you into this world, to create you, and to bring you to us. So when that first boy breaks your heart, or you get that first grade you didn’t deserve, or you don’t get the job of your dreams, know that you will forever and always have parents who want you still.

4. Your brother loves you. You are his favorite play thing. You two were meant to be siblings. He adores you. He always asks about you. He gets the biggest smile whenever you are around. He wants to steal your toys just as often as he wants to share his food with you. He wants a reaction out of you – whatever it is. He delights in you. Just remember that the next time that he makes you angry.

5. You are beautiful. You are a gift. A treasure. You are a child of God, on loan to us.

Daughter, we will do our best to raise you in these truths. Please know that although we will mess up in raising you, we really are trying, and we really do want the very best for you.

You are my child. My firstborn daughter. My beloved.

Happy birthday, honey pie.



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