Grant has a small stuffed bear.  Bear has habit of going on misadventures and turning up in all kinds of random spots.  These search and rescue missions usually occur at bedtime while attempting to corral and calm two children.  Bear has been missing for up to four days before and often the search becomes personal as you know he’s mocking you from wherever he’s found to hide like inside a garbage truck, or golf cart.   Bear usually shows up in some place you’ve already checked three times and looks like he’s coming off an extended bender.  Most recently, he was in the bottom of a basket that I looked in several times.  I almost think he snuck in there between the last time I looked and when Jeremy found him.   You just can’t trust Bear.

What else has gone missing at the Wilson house?  Or maybe missing isn’t the right word…trapped in a tub drain is more like it.  Our tub is missing the installed pop up drain stopper so we use a rubber drain stopper.  Unfortunately, this means an open drain that is begging to drop something in it.  We had a two week period whereby several items went down the drain due to premature removal of the drain stop.  First, a small boat disappeared.  I didn’t see said boat go down the drain, but it wasn’t out of the tub and it wasn’t in the tub.  The only option was down the drain.  The water was draining normally, so I was optimistic that it made the trip out to the sewer.  Next, were four escaped tub crayons.  I could reach two with my hand and dug a third out with a hanger.  Number four was visible, but just out of reach.  The water was now draining a bit slower…I was still optimistic that it might dislodge and follow the boat out.  The third item that disappeared from the tub was Superman’s arm.  I was less sure of the arm’s whereabouts, but Jeremy seemed convinced it was swimming with the crayon and boat.  I finally gave in and called the plumber (who thankfully gives us a long-term loyal customer discount).  When he came up from the basement, he asked me if I counted cards in Vegas because what did he find?  A boat, a tub crayon, and Superman’s arm.  When Grant saw his boat he exclaimed “My boat!!  I’m so happy to see you!”  Our tub now has a temporary drain grate.

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