Not far outside our kitchen window is a robin’s nest strategically placed under the eave and on top of the downspout. About a week and a half ago we saw first evidence of the new life that was inside the nest – four baby birds whose sole purpose in life is grow. They spend the majority of their time with their mouths wide open as their weary parents keep a continual parade of food to drop in their bellies. They’ve been fun to watch and Grant and Maria find this very entertaining. We’ve discussed how the mommy and daddy go get more food. “They go to the stoooooore?” was Grant’s question. Not exactly. As of last night the four baby birds were busting out of the nest, practicing their wing flapping and thinking about leaving the nest. They’ve quadrupled in size in the last week and half. I’m sure in another week they will be gone and mom and dad might be able to get a little rest.
Speaking of baby birds and time flying, we received some pictures of Grant and Maria taken when they were only a month old. Our church paper did a story on embryo adoption and came to our house to take pictures of the stars of the story. I requested that we get the pictures from the photographer and he said no problem. He would leave them for Jeremy at church. Well, life happens and it wasn’t until this week that Jeremy ran into the photographer that we got the pictures. I’m so happy to have these now. They show just how small Grant and Maria were when we brought them home from the hospital – Grant as just shy of six pounds and Maria was shy of five pounds. Just like baby birds, their sole purpose was to eat and grow. (Jeremy would add poop to that list). They were (are) very demanding and kept (keep) us on our toes. While the days are challenging, I know I don’t feel as weary as I did on those early days of constant feedings and diaper changes. In no time, just like those baby birds, Grant and Maria will fly the nest and we’ll look back and marvel at how fast it all went.


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