It’s been a while since the last round, so there are a few more than usual. As always, I’m so proud to be the Mommy of this little one.

1) One evening, Brae and I were saying prayers before bed. Brae said that he wanted me to pray, while he held his precious sticker book in his hand, and closed his eyes. I was praying, thanking God for all our blessings, when Brae whispered, “Mommy, tell God that I have super hero stickers. Thank him for those, too. … Oh, and tell him to not ever send us to jail.”

2) Brae and Tygh made brownies one evening. Brae loves brownies. He put a special one on a plate, and said he wanted to save it for after school the following day. Regrettably, I ate that brownie (don’t get too mad – there was a whole plate full of other brownies, but I ate the special one). When Brae got home and realized his prized brownie was missing, he said, “Mommy, where’s my brownie?” Guild-ridden, I said, “I’m so sorry, honey. I ate it. Were you looking forward to eating it?” “Yes!” he proclaimed. “I was looking forward to it….. and behind, and to the side!”

3) Brae: “Mommy, I want some juice and chocolate milk.” “No, Brae, you can’t have both,” I said. “Pick one or the other.” (Long pause) Brae: “Other.”

4) Brae and Sienna went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house recently while Mommy and Daddy went on vacation. Apparently, Brae’s picky eating habits continued even at grandparent’s house. One evening, my sister came over to see the kids. In front of Brae, Grandma said,“Brae is a p-i-c-k-y e-a-t-e-r.” Brae got upset. “No, I’m NOT,” he said. “I’m B-r-a-e.”

5) At the park Brae and a little boy were playing. Suddenly, the other little boy started throwing dirt in Brae’s face. Dirt got in his eyes. The other boy’s mom came rushing over, apologizing. Brae just shrugged and said, “It’s ok. It was my fault. I didn’t turn my face fast enough.”

6) “Mom, my light saber broke. … Now it’s just a flashlight.”

7) Recently, we “met” our housecleaner for the first time. We got home earlier than usual, and she was still there. I walked in and saw a little boy sitting quietly on the couch. I realized he didn’t speak English. Brae ran in, saw the boy sitting in Brae’s spot on the couch, went right up to him and said, “Hi! Wanna watch ninjas with me?” The boy beamed. Love that he has yet to meet a stranger.

8) I walked in on Brae going #2 in the bathroom. He had poop on his hands. I said, “Brae! Why do you have poop on your hands?” He said, “Because, Mommy. I want to always remember this poop being in my bum.”



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