You probably know by now that I have a daughter, who recently turned 2. Her name is Sienna.

God has blessed her in many, many ways. She is genetically gifted (she’s gorgeous). She’s funny. She’s spunky. She’s pugnacious. She’s tall (over 3 feet). She loves to eat. She loves to sleep.

But what you may not know is that this girl is f.e.a.r.l.e.s.s.

This point has been driven home as of late.

Some recent examples:

1) She insisted on going down a 50′ spiraled water slide, by herself, head first, the very first time we took her to the pool. She went completely underwater, bobbed right up, with her toothy smile, and shouted, “Again!” And then she climbed out of the water, and marched right over to the long spiraled staircase, elbowing the older kids out of the way to get to the top. I just stood in the pool, at the bottom of the slide, aghast.

2) At her gymnastics class, she does belly flops into the foam pit, while the older kids delicately climb in.

3) At her tumbling gym, she climbs head first into a tall bucket, no idea what’s inside the bucket. Her little legs sticking straight up in the air.

4) At the park, if you look away for even a second, she has run into the forest, and lain down in the brush so you can’t see her. And when you find her to try and scold her, she just looks up at you, giggling amongst the weeds.

5) If Brae so much as breathes wrong on her, she kicks her foot into his face.

6) She prefers to drink water from the dog’s bowl.

7) She eats bugs.

8) She rolls in dirt.

9) During snacktime, when another kid isn’t looking, she has traded her empty milk carton for his full one, and has taken a bite of his sandwich.

10) She puts on her shoes, throws her sparkly doggy purse over her shoulder, and walks out the front door without even saying ‘goodbye.’

I know that, channeled correctly, these are envious traits that will serve her well in life. However, as a toddler, my fearless daughter has stricken fear into the heart of her mother. It makes me wonder, Did 10 years frozen in a test tube incite this balls-to-the wall zest for life? I may never know.

pic1 pic2


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