Had one of the scariest experiences of my life the recently.  I had taken the kids to a Waterfront Park with my parents for a concert.  An old railroad bridge was recently converted into a pedestrian bridge and there are nice playgrounds along the river so there were plenty of sights and sounds.  We walked the bridge and listened to music and on our way back to the car I told the kids they could play on the playground for a few minutes.  Both kids were on one play set and I was watching Maria go through a tunnel.  I looked up and couldn’t put my eyes on Grant.  I asked Mom if she could see him, thinking he was just behind or under something in the same area…he wasn’t.  We both started to panic slightly as we couldn’t find him.  She went one direction with Maria and I went the other.  I was yelling his name and someone asked who I was looking for…I explained my three year old son.  They asked what he was wearing and pointed to a child who was wearing the same colors, but it wasn’t Grant.  My heart was racing when I heard my Mom call my name and thankfully she had found him.  He had wandered to another play set and even though I had initially looked that direction, I didn’t see him.

Relief doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt when I put my eyes on him.  In that 2-3 minutes of him being “lost” I processed bad scenario after scenario.  I immediately picked him up and explained how scared I was and that he cannot wander off like that.  It was then he started to cry.  Partially because I was fussing at him and partially because I said we were leaving.

We made it to our car, buckled in and headed home.  I felt like I wanted to throw up while Maria lectured Grant.  “G, you can’t wun away wike that anymore!”  The rest of the evening was normal but for the fact that I spent extra time holding them and reiterated a previous conversation about strangers and how we have to stay close to Mommy and Daddy and not ever go with strangers.  I’m grateful that he was fine and pray I never have to experience that feeling again.  Not only can I not imagine something happening to one of them, I can’t imagine them not having each other. They were a package deal and I want to keep it that way!

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