Three year olds are strange and funny creatures.

We are knee deep in potty training now and this has allowed for some entertaining moments.  Maria has decided that she wants to wear her Dora underwear, with the first time being during our trip to the state fair.  One can imagine my skepticism at this prospect considering she still hasn’t done #2 on the potty and we were going to be at the fair in the time frame of her normal poo.  Not wanting to discourage her, I allowed the underwear, and packed extra clothes and undies with us.  I had to let go of my disdain for public restrooms knowing there was no way she was going to be able to hover.  We discussed not touching anything, especially the toilet seat.  We came through our three hour trip successfully.  We made four trips to the potty – three successful and one aborted mission with the phrase “my pee not coming.”  I asked her to put on a pull-up during naps and she complied and promptly pooped in it.  When I asked why she didn’t go on the potty she replied “because I don’t want to.”  I let it go…after all this was her response regarding peeing on the potty only a month ago.

Grant, on the other hand, has pooping on the potty pretty well mastered as long as he’s not “too busy” and now asks me to close the door so he can “have privacy and surprise me.”  I look at him one more time before I walk out and he says “this is going to take a few minutes.”   I close the door and he’s gripping the sides of the toilet seat as if’s he’s preparing for blast off.  Sure enough, a few minutes later I get the call “Mommy!  I have a surprise for you!”

Grant is also pushing the limits with his hard headedness.  Their lesson at church this weekend was about Naaman and how God told Elijah to tell Naaman to dip into the water 7 times and he would be healed.  Naaman obeyed and was healed.  Grant was telling us about this and we reiterated how important it is to obey because when we obey God it can heal us and keep us from getting hurt.  Fast forward to bedtime the next night when he didn’t want to do anything we asked.  I was looking at him and said “buddy, you need to obey and that will make life easier, I promise.”  Through tears he says “I don’t want to obey God.”    Sigh.  I picked him up and sat in the rocker and prayed with him.  I felt that asking for help was a better option than giving into defeat.

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