Waiting for Prince Charming


This last weekend was one of my best girlfriend’s bachelorette parties. I’m also a bridesmaid in her wedding, along with two of my other closest friends. It is indeed cause for great celebration.

And as we drove off in the Barbie-pink extended Hummer limo (oh, yeah), I got to thinking about my precious Sienna. How one day, she may be all dolled up, with a .75 cent plastic crown from Dollar Tree on her head, heading off for an afternoon of wine tasting with her friends in celebration of finding her Prince Charming.

Is Sienna’s husband even born yet? What will he look like? Will she choose a man of integrity, honor, and humility? Will he love and respect her like she deserves? What will her new last name be?

I remember Tygh’s dad telling me after Tygh had proposed that he and his wife had been praying for their son’s wife since he was a little boy. What an honor to think that I was in response to their prayers. Wow.

I have not yet specifically set out to pray for Sienna’s husband on a deliberate and regular basis, but this last weekend convicted me that perhaps I should. My dear friend has found her Prince Charming, but she indeed had to kiss a lot of frogs (don’t we all). Do I pray that Sienna will be spared the same heartache? Do I pray that she won’t, in the hopes that it will promote endurance and produce character in her?

It’s tough being a mom of kids, period. But I feel a particular responsibility being the mom of a girl. In a lot of ways, this world is a lot rougher on girls than it is on boys. (And yet, I have to say my son cries a whole heck of a lot more than my daughter).

It’s a lot to shoulder, but also a proud and mighty burden to bear.

Too much to take in during just an afternoon of wine tasting with the girls, but the grape is starting to grow on the vine.


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