They provided the blueprint; we are building the house


We are off on our annual summer family vacation to the Central Oregon high desert (pictures next week!).  It’s been many months since I’ve got to spend time exclusively with my children for an extended period.  What I’ve really noticed is how much of a bond I’m creating with Sienna on this trip.  The first time she came, she was barely 8 weeks old.  Last year, she was just 14 months old.  Each of those times, she still felt very much like a baby.  Drinking bottles, waking in the middle of the night, barely walking, not talking.

This time, it’s so very different. She’s a toddler.  And she knows it.

She is talking up a storm, is SO active, and thank goodness the bottles are behind us. (I wish I could say the same about the waking in the middle of the night – but that’s just vacation – none of us sleep well.  And on a side note what IS it with not sleeping well on vacation? Seems like an oxymoron).

What is becoming so apparent on this trip, though, is that she has the most fun personality. She is still as spunky as ever, but now she’s FUNNY.  And she’s always talking, and laughing, and making faces, and just cracking us up.  She is still fearless, and on a regular basis, strangers comment on her daredevil personality.  Be it from jumping without looking off the top of the playground set, to jumping without looking into the deep end of the pool.  (My sister-in-law reminded me that this is actually a good personality trait– no one will ever take advantage of her. I agree.  As long as I can keep her alive).

And intertwined in this so fun personality is …. me.  She has my mannerisms.  She says things I do, with the same intonation and inflection that I do.  She imitates me. She is becoming my mini-me.

What I love about this is that she’s also so very uniquely her own person, with her own separate set of genes.  My genes didn’t cause her to talk like me, giggle like me, make the same faces I do.  She does that because I’m her mom, and she looks up to  me.  She wants to BE like me.

It is beyond humbling and honoring.

Our donors – God bless them – gave Sienna her genetic blueprint.  But, Tygh and I are building the home that is Sienna.


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