EDSC social worker Nancy Lesslie joins the blogging


Short bio for Nancy Lesslie

Nancy Lesslie’s twenty five years of adoption experience spans over forty years.  She began her career in adoption in 1967 when served as a child welfare and case worker supervisor at a state public child welfare service program for several years.  After being an at-home mother for nineteen years, she returned to adoption practice when she became the founding director of the local office of Bethany Christian Services in Knoxville, TN in 1991.  While at Bethany, she counseled birthparents considering adoption placement and prepared and assessed couples desiring to receive a child by domestic, international or embryo adoption.  She also assisted the National Embryo Donation Center in developing the protocol for their Embryo Donation and Adoption Program.  Mrs. Lesslie retired from Bethany Christian Services in 2010.  She is currently providing supportive services to families considering embryo donation and adoption through the Embryo Donation Services Center.  She can be reached through email nancy.lesslie@tds.net, through the blog http://www.embryodonation.org/blog2 or by telephone at 865-296-2022.


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