Sunday after church Josh and I decided to shop for a new mattress.  Due to a soft mattress, we’ve both been waking up with achey backs.  Although, I usually look for any reason to visit a furniture store, I’ve been putting this shopping trip off as long as possible.  I knew it was going to be expensive!

Having previously settled for outlet/sale mattresses in the past, we’d find ourselves within a few years, sinking into what we call the “Venus Flytrap”.  This time we decided we weren’t going to settle.  It was Tempur-Pedic or bust!

Also, we upgraded from a Queen size to a King which meant we had to have a new bed, new comforter, new sheets, and a new mattress cover.  Yikes!  You see, our yellow labrador Maggie sleeps with us.  By the time you pile me, my 6’1 husband, and our 85 pound lab, all up in the bed, it get’s a little, um, cozy.

In addition, John Luke will soon be able to sleep with us.  Occasionally, I’ll put him in the bed with us in the morning, but it’s usually when we’re awake.   He’s still too little to sleep with us all night, for fear we might suffocate him.  There’s just not enough room, for me to feel comfortable co-sleeping in a Queen.

Josh and I discussed that if we are blessed enough to get pregnant again (we go for a sibling appointment December 2nd at the NEDC) John Luke will have to sleep with us for a while.  We only have one extra room downstairs which is the nursery.  The other bedrooms are upstairs.  We’re aiming for a March or May transfer date.  He would be about 2 1/2 years old by the time a brother or sister (fingers crossed) arrived.  Too young to sleep upstairs by himself.

I love my bedroom set.  It was a wedding gift given to me by my mom 13 years ago this  November.  It’s very special.  It’s a dark walnut four-poster bed with a very classy and timeless look.  Although, it’s only going upstairs to the guest room, I don’t like our new bed as much.  With a five day return policy, I’m looking at more to make sure I made the right decision.

When trying to choose a bed, Josh said, “I don’t care what the bed looks like, I care who’s in it.”  Which sounds like a typical guy remark, but I knew what he meant.  He wants all his family piled up together, even the dog.  I’m so excited that we are making room for more, even if I have to give up my beautiful bed.



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