I previously posted about an explosion of babies being born around the same time at our church. Me and two of the other new moms sing in the choir. The choir threw a party for all of us one Sunday after church. They wrote parenting advice in a book they titled ‘Words of Wisdom’ to give to us as a keep sake. I wanted to share. Here is what they wrote:

Words of Wisdom:
For Your Blessed Event
From: JUMC Choir Members

*Do noisy things like vacuum while they sleep. They’ll learn to sleep through it.

*Enjoy the moment! The house cleaning and other things will still be there tomorrow, but you can never retrace the moment. Love unconditionally!!

*Always listen with an open heart. They grow so fast you can miss out if you don’t.

*Take time to play. Very important.

*Learn to talk with your children. Not at them.

*When your little one is old enough to understand be sure to hold him/her in your arms and tell him/her how much they are loved. If he/she wants to cry hold him/her tighter.

*Always be available to listen. The house cleaning will be there. The little one will not.

*When you talk to your child get on their level. Don’t talk down to them. Make sure you look at them and have their attention. Listen!! Really listen to your children.

*Don’t expect perfection. Let your child know it is okay to make mistakes. Tell them mistakes you made growing up. You do make mistakes.

*Introduce your children to healthy foods at a young age. They can learn to love good foods as well as fast foods. Water is healthy also.

*Listen! And listen between the words.

*The best thing for the inside of a child is “the outside”. Go out and play! Turn the TV off and go outside.

*Love them to pieces, read to them, listen to them. Have appropriate rules, and stick to them.

*Teach them the blessings that come from doing things for others.

*Don’t let your child “divide and conquer”. Discuss in private then stick to your decision.

*Be firm with your children, but in a loving way. Mean what you say.

*Hold them and tell them every chance you get that you love them. Read and pray with them.

*Don’t force them to hug or kiss another person.

*Make meaningful memories together.

*Laugh through the bad times, look for the blessings.

*Remember every moment together could be your last. Always express your love.

*Get a nap when you can while baby is sleeping. The laundry will wait.

*Remind them to eat their vegetables and brush their teeth.


My parenting advice: Don’t worry about what other people think. Only -YOU- know what is best for you, your child, and your family.

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