A Day in the Life…

Grant has a great imagination. Right now, he has decided that he is “Animal Mommy” because he takes care of his animals. If you try to call him Grant when he is in “Animal Mommy” mode he says very seriously, “I’m not Grant, I’m Animal Mommy.” He was even Animal Mommy at 3:00 in the morning. “Animal Mommy can’t get comfortable.” Sigh.

We did some preliminary Halloween costume shopping recently when shopping at Wal-Mart. (note: I hate Wal-Mart and only went in because I needed cheap tennis shoes for Maria and Garanimals tend to fit her.) They saw a purple and a green dinosaur and said they wanted to be dinosaurs. A few days later I asked what color so I could order the right size for in-store pick-up (darn it! I have to go back in there). Maria wanted to be a purple (her favorite color) dinosaur until Grant decided he wanted to be blue. She wanted to be blue to match. Grant said he didn’t want to match. Discussion was tabled. The next day I asked what color dinosaurs they wanted to be. They both declared purple. Maria is a rather persuasive little thing.

I’m finally getting all my 2012 photos into an album. Maria asked to help. I don’t know who had more fun reminiscing about last year. She was too cute as she commented on the pictures. We are still working on this project and I think she’s definitely going to take after me on her love of pictures.

Maria is fully potty trained (at least during the day). She proudly went to the potty all by herself the other day (washing hands and everything). It’s bitter sweet. Grant has no interest until bedtime at which time he will spend approximately 20 minutes pooping. Impressive.

At dinner, the kids lead prayer. We pray for lots of things. Last night we said thank you for the play-dough and stickers.


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