I mentioned recently about a new Facebook group that was created for embryo adoption and donation. It’s a private page and one has to be added by a current member. It has been very interesting to read about all the different stories and paths to embryo adoption and to walk alongside those who need encouragement as they proceed down the embryo adoption path.
For me, it has definitely reaffirmed our decision to avoid lots of fertility treatments and to move straight to embryo adoption upon learning that we were definitely going to need help conceiving. I didn’t want to put my body, mind, and savings account through IVF and IUI. Plus, we were already comfortable with adoption, so why not go with this option? There would be physical and mental ups and downs with embryo adoption, but nothing compared to going through multiple failed cycles of IVF and IUI like many couples do.
I know many will face different paths to embryo adoption. It might be the first step in fertility treatments or the 100th, however we all share a common bond and empathy with one another. It is amazing to me how anxious I can get waiting to read someone’s results and based on comments, I’m not alone. We celebrate with one another when a big fat positive test is revealed and cry with one another when the news one was dreading, but mentally preparing for, is regretfully shared.
The path to having children may not be easy, but I don’t think is has to be lonely. My path was rather lonely as I only knew one other person who could relate to my feelings of sadness and frustration of not being able to conceive and having to go a different route. I’m thankful for the online support I have found and hope others can find the same comfort with those walking this path.


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