I’m a mom

Let me preface this post by stating that I am I have never been overly high maintenance nor have I been someone who updates my wardrobe every year to keep up with the latest and greatest style.  I tend to wear clothes that are more classic in nature and don’t tend to draw a lot of attention to myself with clothing, jewelry or nails.

I just got a haircut and while I was there I had to laugh.  It been 13 weeks since my last cut and needed to remove a medium sized dog rather than the small dog I normally have removed from my head.   The conversation went something like this:

Stylist: what type of shampoo do you use?

Me: Umm, Suave

Stylist (choking slightly): What kind?  For any particular hair type?

Me: Umm, I don’t know.  It’s in a green bottle.

Stylist: What kind of product do you use?

Me:  Just something to tame my frizz so I don’t get big headed.

At this point, she gave up.  Seriously, there are certain things that I just don’t pay that close attention to.  As long as my hair is clean and not sticking out at odd angles, I’m not that concerned. There was a day that I purchased expensive styling products and got pedicures on a regular basis….but that was before I was a mom.  I might get highlights done twice a year if the budget allows, but find it hard to justify the expense sometimes.

There were days when I would think about paying full price for clothes, but today that really isn’t an option.  Target clearance rack is perfectly acceptable and I admittedly bought a shirt at the Magic Mart during my last trip to Norton, VA.  One of my co-workers cannot wait for me to wear it as she is certain that it will be obvious that it was $9.99 at Magic Mart.  Maybe it will be…but I don’t really mind… I’m a mom.

And while I am a mom… I won’t be caught wearing “mom jeans.”


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