I don’t have a fancy title or lofty career goals. My current job description reads “Stay-at-home mom to John Luke”. I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s really all I ever wanted to do. I remember while studying business administration in college, a guy friend asked me what I wanted to be (probably when I grow up!). I replied, “Well, I’m studying Marketing and Logistics, but I would really like to one day be a stay at home mom.” He was a mere friend/co-worker, but if he’d had any interest in dating, I’m sure I scared him off really quick.

But, it’s the truth. It’s not that I didn’t have goals. It’s just that my mom was a working single mom. I spent a lot of time home alone. My brother started working when he was 16, I was 14. Mom worked two jobs so she was gone many nights. When my brother worked evenings, it would get lonely fixing myself supper and doing my homework.

It made me responsible. However, I craved the life my friends had, like being home together with their families, and sitting around the dinner table talking about their day. I wanted someone to say, “Go do your homework.” I wanted someone to be there to ask me about my day, and remind me to do my chores. I wanted someone there to talk to.

I worked for many years in my field before “retiring” to be a stay at home mom. Sometimes, I have missed the professional world, and have wondered what it would be like to have a career again. Cleaning and picking up all day after a toddler, myself and my DH, is often a thankless job. I remind myself there are working moms, like my mother, who have to work all day, then come home and work inside the home.

Being a “Stay-at-home mom” is all I really ever wanted to do. I have an ordinary, but more often than not, fulfilling and extraordinary life, when you put it in perspective.

One thought on “AN ORDINARY LIFE

  1. I too stay at home with my son. It is the most rewarding time of my life. While I would like to go back to work one day I feel my work is here with him and teaching him. I homeschool him as well. It is such a blessing to be able to spend this precious time with him and learn and grow with him.

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