John Luke and I were members on my friends team for the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure, breast cancer walk this weekend.  My friend is a breast cancer survivor.  She is also my friend who graciously donated her eggs to Josh and me for an IVF cycle,  which did not result in pregnancy.  This is why I lovingly refer to her as “Baby Mama”.


We came across the NEDC during the process of researching for this donor cycle.

My friend’s motto is, “Everything happens for a reason.”  I agree, it is because of her generosity we were led to the NEDC, and now have John Luke.  She defines being a “survivor”.  She is a fighter.  Her positive attitude has inspired so many people during her journey with breast cancer.  She has been a rock, unwavering in her resolve to not let it get her down.


Having had both breast removed during two separate surgeries, 6 months of intense chemo, and after losing all her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, she has never once complained.  She has never said, “Why me”?  She’d discovered she had Stage II breast cancer after going for a routine mammogram.  I believe she just feels so grateful the cancer was caught early, and she will be around to watch her little girl grow up.

Groupsmall group

We had perfect fall weather for the walk with friends and family coming out to support Kim.  We wore matching black shirts with hot pink lettering and pink tutu’s, of course!    We had lots of reasons to celebrate.  As of now Kim is cancer free, is almost through with her treatments, and her final surgery will be in December!

John Luke by herself Tutu Girl

I hope to be more like my friend Kim.  Go inspire someone today.


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