The Purple Dinosaur Conundrum

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had some preliminary discussion and shopping for Halloween costumes and Maria had convinced Grant that they would both be purple dinosaurs.  I confirmed this with them two nights in a row.  Several days later, I finally got opportunity to order their sizes for in-store pickup at Walmart.  I was NOT pleased when I discovered that purple dinosaurs were no longer available.  I was frustrated and felt like I needed to get the bad mom award for waiting a couple of days.  The only thing available was blue and I knew I couldn’t order without Maria’s permission.  Jeremy’s mom checked her Walmart and only saw blue and agreed that we needed Maria’s permission to move forward.

Jeremy said not to worry because they had said they wanted to be super heroes earlier that day.  Maybe I wasn’t going to be a bad mom after all.  Fast forward two weeks.  Maria was consistently saying she wanted to be a superhero and Grant wanted to be a spider.  That is until our neighbor, Megan, said she was going to be a cat, then Maria said she also wanted to be a cat.  This was getting complicated.

The day came to purchase and we went to a local novelty shop to look.  When we were there, Maria spotted a unicorn – a pink sparkly unicorn.  Now she wanted to be a unicorn.  It was too big and too expensive, so I was plotting how to get out of this without a meltdown.  Grant still wanted to be a spider, but we couldn’t find any, so I had to do it.  We had to go to Walmart.  On a Friday night.

Both kids looked around excitedly.   Grant was having issues making a decision and Maria wouldn’t make a decision until she saw his decision.  She must have gotten tired of waiting, because we came across a unicorn – not a pink sparkly one – but a unicorn and she was interested.  She was inspecting this when I found a cow and a blue dinosaur.  I was tired and ready for a decision and asked him to pick.  Blue dinosaur it was!  At this point, Maria fully committed to the unicorn.  Both were thrilled and Maria picked out a pink tiara headband to go with hers.

dino1 unicorn1

They have been wearing their costumes every day since and Maria blinged out her unicorn with a tiara and a skirt.  I’m glad they are enjoying and hope they still like their decisions next week!   They may not be purple dinosaurs, but they are happy!

unicorn2 dino2

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