Heartbreak of Infertility During the Holidays


For many individuals and families the pain and heartbreak of infertility is so much greater during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

During this time of year, many families gather to be thankful and share the blessings of their lives. However, for those families facing infertility the pain is ever present and keen when friends and families gather.  Other family members may inquire about any medical treatment they have undergone or inquire about adoption plans.  Often remembering their struggles and losses brings the pain to the forefront for everyone.

Some couples find comfort in inquiries from others whereas other couples may find it to be an intrusion to their pain and loss.  For those who care deeply for the couples experiencing loss, asking them if they would like to talk about it gives them the option of opening the discussion or choosing to leave it closed.  For some, a gentle reminder that you are thinking about them may bring more comfort than inquiries about their situation.

A number of couples who have experienced infertility, report that they find peace in being with other couples who are experiencing the same obstacles; as one woman wisely said, “When we are with others who are experiencing infertility, we feel  “normal” because everyone in this groups understands the pain of infertility.”

While we cannot remove the pain of infertility at any time, being attuned to the losses felt during the holiday season is so very important.


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