Last Stages of Babyhood


John Luke was scheduled for his 12 month appointment this past week.  However, the pediatrician’s office called to inform me they can’t administer his vaccinations until after his one year birthday.  I’d been looking forward to his check-up to ask the pediatrician questions about John Luke’s progress.  His appointment has been re-scheduled for December 3rd.

Josh and I were curious about his height and weight; so we went ahead and took his measurements.  He weighs 24 lbs and is 32 inches long.  At 11 1/2 months he is quickly outgrowing his 12 month clothes.  I recently had to buy all new (2nd hand new) 18 month clothes for fall and winter.

At nine months he’d started saying “mama” quite a bit.  It took a while for “dada”, but he finally got it.  Lately, he is only saying “da da” along with a few other babbling sounds.   I wanted to ask the pediatrician if use of a pacifier will delay speech.  I am interested to know if there is a correlation between pacifiers, and how early children start talking.  John Luke is very vocal.  He squeels, babbles, and laughs often.  He is just not forming words yet.  One of his nicknames is T-Rex, because he’s always screeching.

John Luke is walking from furniture to furniture.  He is close to walking on his own, but hasn’t taken a step yet.  He will pull up free standing, then will fall back down on his bottom.   I’m hoping he will start walking before his birthday party.  It’s like with the talking.  It will be on his own time, and when he is ready.

It’s funny how we will “rush” to get to the next stage, then wonder where the time has gone.  Recently, I was putting together a photo collage, from his first year, for birthday invitations, thinking how fast his first year has gone.  I remind myself to enjoy the crawling and babbling, it’s his last stages of babyhood.  He has a long time to be a boy.


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