Aha Moment

The kids and I were running errands the other night when I had a revelation of this captive audience that sat in the captain’s chairs behind me.  I had two little hearts and minds that were asking questions and listening intently to what I had to say.  We didn’t have distractions or toys or TV or phones.

We talked about the universe and planets and how God made it all.

Grant told me he wanted to go to the moon and asked if I could go with him.  I told him that he could absolutely go to the moon if he worked hard and became an astronaut when he got big.  He asked again if I could go with him and I said I didn’t think I would be able to be an astronaut.  He said he didn’t want to go to the moon anymore.

We talked about their names and their relationship with one another.

Maria said “G’s my brother.”

Grant replied “Rita’s my girl.  We play together and share.”

It was so sweet.

I asked what their names were as we are working on middle and last names.

Grant said Maria was “Rita Woowis.”  When I laughed, he said “That’s silly, Mommy.”

Maria replied that she is “Ria Belle” and Grant is “Grant Woowis.”

We talked about how dark it was even though it wasn’t yet bedtime.  We discussed the seasons and how they change.

We talked about our dog Charlie and how he was in heaven.  Grant said that he wanted to see Charlie in heaven.  I told him that if he knew and accepted Jesus, he would be able to see Charlie one day.  He replied, “That would make me so happy, Mommy!”  I smiled and chuckled.  It would make me happy, too (as long as it is a LONG time from now).

Take advantage of these captive audience moments.  They are priceless.

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