Another Family Created and Donated the Embryos to your family, But this is Your Child!


What a wonderful blessing another family has given your family.  They have donated to you the embryos that they lovingly created.  They pass them on to you to fulfill your hopes and dreams of a family.  Your donor family has been blessed and they are willing to share this blessing with you.

Can you receive the gift with thanksgiving and claim the responsibility to nurture this gift to its fullest?

Sometimes when we are given a precious gift, we do not feel that we deserve the gift.  However, the gift of embryos is a most precious gift as it is the gift of “life with potential.” As with any newborn baby, one does not know who this child was created to be.  But every family celebrates the birth of this new life and watches and nurtures this precious new life.

Your child will be totally unique because they carry the genes of the donor family, but will be imprinted with the special gifts of your family.   This child will mimic the tone of your voice, respond to your mannerisms, be impacted by your family experiences and likewise develop into the unique person he or she is intended to be.

What a wonderful gift you have been given, what a joy and a blessing to watch this child grow and develop into a precious new member of your family.

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