Happy 13th!!


Josh and I celebrated our 13th wedding Anniversary this week.  We dated almost 6 years before getting hitched, so more or less, we have been together almost two decades!  Twenty wonder-FULL and imperfect years!

Josh and I couldn’t be more different at times, and more alike at others.  I’m type A.  He is laid back.  I prefer things to be tidy.  He prefers everything out and accessible.

I tell him everything from A-Z.  He tells me A and Z and I have to guess everything in between.  I’m an over communicator.  He doesn’t think that much  communication is necessary.

I like to go to the movies.  He doesn’t like to be indoors that long.  I like to walk.     He says “I walk everywhere, why do I want to go somewhere to walk?”  I like to         sleep.  He says, “You can sleep when your dead.”

I like to watch football.  He says, “Why do I want to watch a bunch of grown men in tights, chase around a ball?  He likes to hunt and fish.  I say, “ Why would I want to look my dinner in the eye before I eat it?”

We couldn’t be more alike at times.  We both prefer the mountains over the  beach.  Church over social activities.  Time at home with John Luke over time spent elsewhere.

We can look at ten pieces of furniture and both pick out the same piece.  We can read each others’ minds by our facial expressions and can finish each others’            sentences.

We argue, but can’t stay angry at each other long.  We can be spitting mad with one other, but still be glad to see each other walk through the door.  Sometimes, I’m glad when he’s gone, but then can’t wait for him to get back.

We recently went to our friends 50th wedding Anniversary.  Wow!  If walls could talk, what stories would be told.  With four grown children and 50 years of marriage, I wonder how many compromises were made.  I wonder how many times someone went to bed angry.  So often people forget why they fell in love in the first place and quit trying.

Thirteen years ago, I married my best friend.  He remains my best friend to this day.  Josh and I have always talked about renewing our vows at 25 years.  I look forward to many, many more wonder-FULL and imperfect years Josh Foster!

Happy 13th!!

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