The bond between brother and sister


Brae and Sienna share a very special bond. I can kind of relate to it, because I have a younger sister, and three older stepbrothers.

But Brae and Sienna’s bond is unique.

They share not one gene between them, and
yet are thick as thieves.

They are the first person the other wants to see in the morning, and the last person the other wants to see at night.

Brae “reads” to Sienna. Sienna “cooks” him food. Brae “carries” her places. Sienna “helps” get him dressed.

If one isn’t around, the other gets sad. And when they are together, they are running around the house laughing.

Even when they are fighting, it lasts only seconds before they are running around laughing again.

They say that boys mature slower than girls. Well, with them being only 2.5 years apart, and Brae being the oldest (and less mature), that age gap seems even smaller.

I’m so grateful for their bond and pray that it always remains this strong. I pray that Brae watches over her his whole life, and that she continues to look up to him as her older, protective big brother.

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5

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