Memory Lane and Open Conversations

I’m feeling hopeful about the adoption of Grant and Maria’s siblings.  Everything is moving along smoothly and the adoptive family has their first NEDC appointment in April, so I’m guessing if all goes well, they could have their transfer by this time next year if not sooner.

I’ve been down memory lane a few times as adoptive mom has asked a lot of questions about the process and medications.  I warned her that estrace made me crazy.  She wanted to know what kind of crazy…like would she throw things?  I said that throwing things was not out of the question and neither was random crying.  I do recall crying at commercials that would have otherwise been benign and throwing a computer video game box at Jeremy during a fight when he had the audacity to tell me I was “just being hormonal.”  I don’t typically throw things and yes, I was hormonal…but at that time in my mind, I was perfectly rational….there was no need to continue to store games that we never played nor ever would….I just wanted him to get rid of them at that very minute.

I’m excited about the future and what this relationship will look like and how we will explain it to Grant and Maria.  We’ve been more intentional about discussing their origins and when we told them they used to be frozen, Grant looked at me wide eyed with his silliest expression as he stated “FROZEN?!  That’s silly, Mommy!”  I went on to pull up pictures of embryos and babies through all stages of development in the womb.  They both kept saying “show another picture,” as I flipped through and showed them all the different ways they looked when they were in my belly.

I know they can’t comprehend, but I think these conversations are important for them so they can know that even though the way they came into our family was not the most conventional way of family building, we are proud of it and thankful for the gift of embryo adoption.

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