John Luke turned one year old on Tuesday, November 26th.  We held his first birthday party, the following Saturday at Wallabies, a popular kids place in town.  They have wall-to-wall inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and a toddler area for ages 3 and under.  It was perfect: Indoors, something for all ages, and not at my house!

Wallabies has a huge climbing area for toddlers, with cushioned vinyl stairs and tunnels.  It was interesting to watch John Luke explore a new environment.  I also loved seeing him interact with the other kids.  We had about 11 kids and 20 adults come celebrate his birthday with us.

It was a fun filled week with mine and Josh’s parents coming on Wednesday for Thanksgiving, then for the birthday party on Saturday.  My parents headed home Sunday morning, and Josh’s parents will be leaving Monday, after following us to Knoxville.  Josh and I have our sibling appointment and mock transfer at the NEDC with Dr. Keenan 9 Am Monday morning.

It will be the first time we have taken John Luke to meet the NEDC staff.  We live only two hours from Knoxville, but I haven’t wanted to drop in unexpected, knowing how busy they stay with patients.  Since we will be there for our appointment, I can’t wait for them to meet my cutie pie!

I was also having concerns about bringing a baby into an infertility clinic where there are patients struggling to have a child.  I remember being one of those patients a few years back.  It is my hope, John Luke will be an inspiration, as living proof, that embryo adoption does work as an alternative to family building.



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