Josh and I had our sibling appointment and mock transfer at the NEDC this past week.  We are excited to be moving forward, in hopes of bringing home a sibling to John Luke, this time next year.  As of now, we are scheduled for a March transfer.

Dr. Keenan said I responded well to the Estrace.  My lining was 8.75 mm which was even better than the transfer from which I got pregnant with John Luke.  It was obviously good enough to get pregnant, but was on the lower side, around 7 mm.  Dr. Keenan put me on 5 days of Prometrium, and tapered the Estrace from 3x per day to 2x per day until I come off the Prometrium.  I should get a period within 3 days.  On the first day of menses, I start birth control, active only, until I receive my medical protocol to continue Estrace and start the Lupron.  I will need two ultrasounds, and will need blood drawn after starting meds, prior to transfer.

Dr. Keenan said I needed to chart my basal body temperature first thing in the morning to make sure I am still ovulating.  He said my ovaries looked small, which I guess is what brought us to embryo adoption in the first place.  If I am not ovulating on my own, he will have to put me on an estrogen, for the hormones needed, to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

We had 6 embryos remaining after our transfer with John Luke.  The embryos were frozen three to a vial.  Provided my lining is primed and ready to receive the embryos, the NEDC will thaw one of the vials, and transfer any surviving embryos.  If none survive, the last three will be thawed.  I have to use all 6 embryos before I “age out” at 45, or release them back to the NEDC.

I was relieved I had responded better to the meds this time around.  We took John Luke with us to meet Dr. Keenan, Carol Summerfelt, and the NEDC staff.  Josh’s parents came along to help watch him in the lobby during my evaluation.  It was exciting to bring him there, knowing he was once frozen in liquid nitrogen in the back, and is now a bouncing boy, out in the waiting room.

We asked Carol, NEDC embryologist, how long our embryos had been frozen.  She said since 2009.  If we are blessed to get pregnant again in March, we will be due in December 2014.  The baby (or babies) will have been frozen for five years.  They will finally be “out of the freezer” and into our warm and grateful arms.

photo 2 photo 3 photo



  1. that sounds awesome that you are able to try again. We aged out before our son got old enough for me to want another. So we have an only. Hoping someday to maybe adopt an oder child or foster one.

  2. That would be incredible if you find your path to adopt again. I feel blessed that we have embryos left. My husband and I will both be 43 this year so not alot of time to wait. Good luck if you decide to foster or adopt in the future.

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