Alas, we will meet.




In almost exactly one year, we will meet our donors and Sienna’s genetic siblings for the first time.

We are “facebook” friends, text one another frequently, send emails, receive Christmas and birthday gifts from them for Sienna, and are otherwise basically linked for life.

But we’ve never met in person.

That will all change next December.

We have planned a trip to Disney World with our family next year, and have invited our donors to meet us there.  They agreed!

I am beyond excited.  Sienna will be 3.5 years old, and her genetic siblings will be newly teenagers.  What better place to connect than the happiest place on Earth?!

When we were looking at profiles of potential donors back in 2010, our main criteria was that we get matched with people we felt we could sit down and have a beer with.  People we could just talk to.  Our donors fit the bill.

Needless to say I’m beyond thrilled to meet them, throw my arms around each one of them, thank them profusely for this amazing gift they gave to us, and just enjoy some time getting to know one another more.

I’m excited for Sienna to have this opportunity to meet her blood, although I full well know she will not understand much about it.  But, that’s what video and cameras are for.

And, I trust this will only be the first of several visits over her lifetime.


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