What to do while you wait for adoption!


Whether it be traditional domestic adoption, international adoption or embryo adoption, it is very hard to wait as you move through the process.

Once you have made the decision to proceed with  adoption, your life becomes focused on selecting an organization, exploring the expectations that the agency has for their adoptive families and plodding through all the paperwork that is required.  While these requirements keep you busy, you may continue to be anxious as the goal of having a child still looms in your future.

It is important to remember that it is a process that takes time over which you have little control.  It may be helpful to look back to remember what you have learned as you moved through the process and note how far that you, as a couple, have come.  By this time, you have learned so much more than you knew when you were just new to adoption.

Family and friends may inquire about the steps taken and things that need to be addressed.  Hopefully, you can share your progress positively so that others can be an encouragement to you.

Many couples that I have worked with have found that being part of a group with other families who are currently experiencing the adoption process is very helpful.  As you build a community of other families involved in adoption (and it really doesn’t matter if it is domestic, international or embryo adoption) you may begin to feel “a new normal” as you encounter others who are also experiencing the same emotions and anxieties that you feel.

Taking time to be thankful for the helpful and supportive people who have been placed in your path on this journey may also give you peace.   Knowing that others are encouraging you and excited for you to complete the adoption process will certainly bring joy to your heart.

The hardest part may be when you have completed all the paperwork, attended all the classes, completed all the medical steps and now you are just waiting.

We hope that you have encouraging and supportive family and friends around you to support you and encourage you as you have moments of anxiety.  It is hard, but hopefully there will be a day very soon when you can share with joy the news that you are indeed pregnant and carrying your long-awaited adopted child.

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