Sadly, I feel that Brae’s great legacy of Brae-isms may be slowly coming to an end.  His inquiries now are much less funny, and more stumping. I find myself scrambling for possible explanations.  Indeed, his questions are ones I often ask myself.  My boy is growing up.

With that in mind, here’s a few snippets I’ve gathered from his last few months that still warm my heart:

1) The other day, Brae looked up at me from his breakfast and asked, “Mom, why did God not make me a dog?”  Great question, son.  Great. Question.

2) One Saturday morning, while watching Game Day with Dad, he turns to Tygh and states: “Dad! Those announcers keep interrupting each other.  They need to learn to share!”

3) As I was driving the kids around on one particularly sunny day, Sienna started shrieking.  The sun was directly in her eyes, blinding her.  Seeing this, Brae moved into action.  He leaned over the seat toward Sienna, and put out his hand to shield her eyes from the sun.  I smiled.  Then, he spit in her hair.


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