Family Photos and a Visit with Santa

We had our family photos taken a couple of weeks ago.  I was thrilled with how they came out.  Kids were in good spirits and the weather allowed us not to freeze during our outdoor photo shoot.  What’s really awesome is that the picture of Grant kissing Maria was not staged.  They really do love each other and tell me often that they are each other’s best friend.

We also went to see Santa who made at stop at my college alma mater.  On the way there Maria assured me that she was not going to be scared of Santa this year.  However, as we waited in line, the closer we got, the more she grew hesitant and Grant followed her lead.  Neither would sit on his lap, but both managed to squeak out what they wanted…a big horsey for Maria and a rock truck for Grant.  On our way home I asked what their favorite part about the evening was and they both declared Santa.  They make me laugh.

575260_10151833816677843_1226992704_n 1240361_10151833816022843_2112038711_n 1422452_10151833816097843_1062277547_n 1463906_10151833816487843_774693299_n 1465164_10151833816542843_1482614771_n 1467477_10151833816122843_493767096_n 1471756_10151833816762843_1816326431_n 1477580_10151833816322843_1567360076_n 1489066_10151833816647843_660506444_nSanta_2013

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