Grant and Maria are pumped up about Christmas.  After managing to tell him what they wanted a couple of weeks ago, they have been very excited.  We have our advent calendar that we open up windows on every day and read the corresponding Bible verse and we count the remaining windows until Christmas.  We are doing our best to reinforce that Christmas is about Jesus, and that they will get three gifts because Jesus got three gifts, but are also enjoying the excitement that comes along with the Santa story.  They both have lots of questions and comments, especially Grant, and especially at bedtime. I believe he has asked approximately 587,000 questions thus far.  They include:

How does Santa work?

Where does he live?

How does he fly?

How many reindeer?

How many bags does Santa have?

How many sleighs?

How many seats on the sled? (this was particularly impressive to me)

How does his sleigh work?

How do the reindeer fly?

There’s sumptin wrong with Santa?  Followed by a question from me and the follow up question from Grant:  How does Santa eat with his beard?

Can his beard walk?

How many carrots do we leave for the reindeer?

Does Santa wrap presents?  For the record our Santa wraps.  In fact, because inadvertently let them see the Christmas wrapping paper for their stuff, our Santa wraps with the paper that Mommy and Daddy leave out for him.

Every night Grant asks me to sit on his bed and tell him all about Santa. He looks at me with twinkling eyes and says “what’s next?”  I love his inquisitive spirit…I just hope I have enough answers!


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