We took John look to the mall to meet Santa for the first time this week.  We were fully expecting an all-out melt down, but surprisingly, John Luke was more curious about Santa.  I placed John Luke on Santa’s lap, thinking he was going to give me the “death grip,” which he usually does when strangers try to hold him.

He looked up at Santa, then back at Josh and me for reassurance, that we hadn’t totally abandoned him, with this white bearded “crazy looking creature.”  The photographer missed a couple of opportunities to snap John Luke smiling and looking at Santa.  He was more focused on John Luke looking at the camera, but we got a really cute picture of Santa holding his hands, which was very sweet.

At church, I had asked a little boy, if he was looking forward to Santa coming.  He replied, “Ehh, I guess.”  I think he probably doesn’t believe in Santa anymore, but didn’t want to say in front of his little brother.

John Luke won’t always believe in Santa, but I’m glad their budding friendship has only begun.

john luke and santa

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