If your Christmas was melancholy, without children in your folly,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If wrapping presents just for two, left you feeling sorta blue,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

Pregnant women everywhere, with other children in their care,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

Pregnant sisters, pregnant cousins, pregnant wives of “pregnant” brothers,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If you’re feeling sorta blue, and want to puke on someone too,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If the in-laws make you cringe, and drive you to sip eggnog and binge,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If you’re feeling kinda slighted, cause infertility has you blighted,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If grandma ask you one more time, when are YOU gonna be with child?

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If hearing the patter of little feet, is something you dream of in your sleep,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If your siblings and their kids, left you feeling less than bliss,

Bah-Humbug, bah-humbug

If Santa at the mall, with the children all enthralled, made you want to squall!!

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If you feel like Santa’s sleigh, will never come your way,

Bah-humbug, bah-humbug

If you dream of the Christmas stork, to someday appear on your door,

Always believe in the magic of Christmas.

I had many bah-humbug Christmases before John Luke came into our life just before Christmas 2012.  When I was going through infertility, I was always excited about starting a New Year.  I always felt THIS will be the year I get pregnant.

I hope your 2014 brings new hopes and possibilities, and of dreams coming true.


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