2013 is nearly in the books.  I’m happy to usher in a new year and look forward to what it will bring.

Our Christmas was busy and festive, although I was briefly worried that it would be anything but.  Three days before Christmas I was stricken with a stomach bug.  As my stomach was wringing itself out, I was nearly in tears…not for myself, but at the thought of it ravaging our family on Christmas.  Thankfully, with the help of lots of disinfecting, vitamins, probiotics and colloidal silver, the rest of the family has remained healthy.

Grant and Maria were precious on Christmas morning.  Maria said she heard Santa come down the chimney and when they saw the plate with a couple of cookie crumbs they declared that Santa left it just for them.  Maria happily declared “OH WOW!” opening each gift Grant said “this is what I always wanted” when opening most gifts.  He also made us laugh when opening a gift of all four Ninja Turtles from Jeremy’s grandmother.  As soon as he looked at all of them he said “I need Shredder.”  Just goes to show you that no matter how much they get it’s never enough.

I was proud of them, though.  The day after Christmas I got a large box and said we needed to fill it up with toys for boys and girls who don’t have toys.  They loaded it up, even including some toys that they still played with. We then took it to a local shelter for woman and children getting out of domestic abuse situations.  I think we will make this a tradition.

I’m not quite sure where 2013 went, but it was a fast one for sure.  I will ring in the new  year with a glass of wine and my usual early bedtime.  After all, kids don’t care what time you went to bed and will undoubtedly start the new year bright and early.

Wishing you and your family and happy and healthy 2014.  May you be blessed beyond measure.Christmas 13


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