Grant has called Maria “Rita” for some time. Within the last week he has dropped the “t”. I think I’m going to miss “Rita.”
Maria is obsessed with our cat, Lucy or “Oocy” as Maria says it. Lucy is slowly warming up to her and has succumbed to Maria’s desire to pet her. When it was time for bed the other night Maria came in and looked at me and sadly said “but I was petting Oocy.”
Grant has decided that he’s going to be a comedian. “Mommy, I need to tell you a joke.” He then launches into some sort of question about something crossing the road. You must reply “I don’t know” and then he says the nonsensical punch line and laughs as he asks “Get it?” Often we don’t but we play along.
They both took about a week after Christmas to understand that Santa wasn’t coming every day.
We’ve been teaching them to pray for the person in the ambulance when they see the lights and sirens. On the way to church recently an ambulance for the local children’s hospital passed us. I told them that it was a child like them in the ambulance. Maria was very concerned and said that it was a girl and proceeded to ask a lot of questions about what was wrong with her.
We’re still working with Grant on potty training. We use a sticker chart when he goes just like we did with Maria. She’s had trouble with the concept of her not getting stickers for peeing anymore. The other day she sat down to pee and said “I don’t get sticker. G gets sticker because he’s still learning.” Yes! Exactly.
Maria and Grant are in a phase where they don’t want to be gone from us. We have been reinforcing the “grown-ups come back” concept from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to help them be more comfortable when we leave them with someone else. Now whenever we drop them off or leave them with someone, we get a pitiful “grown-ups come back?” from Maria. Yes, baby, grown-ups come back.


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