OK. SO. I always get this radial idea, at the first of the year, that I would like to run a half-marathon.  So much so, that I’ve done two half marathons.  After the holidays, and with the start of the New Year, I get this “fever” to start running.  The only thing is, I like the idea of running, more than the running itself.  I’d walked/ran the last two, and paid for the running part dearly.

I had suckered two childhood friends into training with me.  The only thing is the training part was a little lacking.  We finished and did well.  We were just incredibly sore for two days afterwards.

Me and my friends got the “fever” again after this past holiday, and started talking about registering for another half.  Feeling a little reluctant after pulling out my old training schedule, I hit the pavement for a few walk/runs with the notion, I had plenty of time to “whip this thang”, by race weekend.

I was quite relieved when I got a text message, the other day, from one of my friends saying, “Realistically, I will not be ready for a half-marathon by Spring.  I have found several 5K’s we could enter instead.”  Whew!!  That’s a relief to my dawgs!  And, I’m not just talking about my furry running companion Maggie.

So, we are registering for a 5K close to my hometown followed by a day at the Spa.  I think I am going to like this training regimen.


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