About four months ago I started attending spin classes twice a week during my normal morning gym time. Having participated in only one other spin class in my life some six years ago, it was truly a wild hair. I could still very much recall the butt pain that carried into several days after that first class, but I have been through a lot since then and figured it was worth a shot. I’m now an addict – a faithful regular on Mondays and Fridays at 5:55 a.m. – even when the wind chill is 20 below and even the day after Thanksgiving.
In class on Monday, I was suffering up a “hill” when I reminded myself that I labored without drugs for a day with the inability pee or poop due to a Grant blocking all my exits. I can surely survive three minutes up this hill. Later in class we were doing speed drills and even though my lungs and quads were aching, I hit a new high RPM. I kept telling myself, it’s just one minute. Remember that labor without drugs? This is just one minute. Yes, I can survive a 45 minute spin class reminding myself of my labor experience.
Our instructor isn’t a yeller. In fact, he’s very calm. He says things like “We all hit walls. The difference is how we handle them. You can run from it. Or you can climb it. You choose to climb.” Think about that. Isn’t that true for everything? Whether it’s the fifth negative pregnancy test or the day long labor misdiagnosed as constipation. We all face challenges. It’s how we chose to handle them that separate us. We can forge ahead through the physical and emotional pain or we can quit. I don’t quit.


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