Grant and Maria Go To The Dentist

Last week we went to the dentist for Grant and Maria’s first time.  I had intended on taking them last year since I paid for family dental coverage, but the year got away from us.  When I told them about it earlier in the week, Maria frowned and said she wanted to keep her teeth.  Grant said he wanted big teeth like me.  We had several days of reassurance that the dental visit was going to be okay.  Maria seemed comforted by the fact that the dentist was a girl like her and that she could sit on my lap.

Dental day came and Maria earned a spot going first.  The hygienist, who spoke in rhyme, was great as she let Maria sit on my lap and showed her all the tools she would use and even cleaned her baby doll’s teeth.  She was fine until it came to actually laying back.  That’s when she started to cry.  She continued to cry until it was all done.  Grant watched on and got more and more skeptical as time went on.  The hygienist thanked me for not reacting to Maria’s crying and said that they expect three year olds to cry.  There was no kicking, biting, or spitting, so she considered it a good exam.

When it came time for Grant’s turn, he objected and said he didn’t want to do it.  We had him straddling me and went to lay him back into the hygienists lap when he suctioned himself to me.  After a few minutes of coaxing he agreed to lie in the chair while I held his hands.   He cried until she used the spit sucker on him at which time his cry broke into a giggle. 

The verdict on both was no cavities, but both, especially Grant, have very “tight” teeth, meaning they are very close together and will have limited space for adult teeth.  Grant’s mouth is narrow and Maria has an overbite.  Thankfully, they said her overbite was not due her extended pacifier use…it’s just how she was made.  We have a bright future with orthodontics.

At the end of the visit I had to set the timer so they could play with the train set in the waiting room before they would agree to leave.  I’ll call it a success. 


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