Josh and I took John Luke to see his cousins in Gatlinburg this weekend. They were visiting on a mini-vacay from Alabama to ski. John Luke got to play in the snow at the Cubbie Zone- an area designated for children three and under. Josh did “daddy-duty” while I got to ski with my sister-n-law, nieces, and nephews.

Josh is out of town most weekends during duck season, so he let me go play for the day. It was John Luke’s first time playing in the snow. Last winter, he was too little and too fragile, to play outside. This winter we’ve only had snow flurries, not enough to stick. It turned out to be a beautiful day on the slopes with fresh snow.

This is our third year meeting up with our family to ski. I hope we can make it an annual visit. It’s fun to meet at a destination place and create memories together. Especially as John Luke grows up, I hope for him to have memories doing different things with his cousins as I did as a child.

Skiing is something I need to do at least once a year to keep it up. I always have to do some practice turns before getting on the lift. I try to avoid staying in “pie position” all the way down the hill, but I usually get into a rhythm after a few runs.

It was fun riding the slopes with my sis-n-law, nieces and nephew. I can’t wait until John Luke is right there with us. My nieces and nephews started learning when they were 3 with a harness, so it won’t be long. Right now, I’ll enjoy him playing safely in the Cubbie Zone.

JL snow 2014 JLdad ski 2014 JL-mom ski 2014


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