I recently wrote about a friend of mine who had decided to pursue embryo adoption with the specific intent of adopting Grant and Maria’s remaining siblings.  Their application was accepted and they had an initial appointment scheduled for April.  Because they currently have two foster children and a home study approved by the state, we thought the process would go smoothly.  We were wrong.  Last week we found out that they are not going to be allowed to proceed because of the number of children they have.  They have 4 biological children, 1 foster son whom they’ve had in their home for over a year and just accepted his newborn brother into their home right before Christmas.  They have a heart for children and hope to adopt their foster sons.  However, I learned they had to have an exception made by the state to take the newest baby because they state limits the number of children when it comes to foster placements.  This has equated to their home study not being approved to proceed with embryo adoption.  To say we are disappointed is an understatement.  I definitely don’t agree with the decision, but will have to accept the reality of it.  I will trust that there is a plan for Grant and Maria’s genetic siblings and that there is a family willing to adopt them sooner than later.  They’ve been on ice for over 10 years now!  It’s time for them to break out and realize their potential.   Who could deny these sweet faces?

3yr_GM1 Grant-baby smile Maria-baby smile

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