*He loves to be outside.  If he hears the doors open he will come running (stumbling) down the hall saying “si si”.  We think he is trying to say outside.

*His favorite book is ‘Goodnight Moon’.  He’ll bring it to you to read then when you try to read a different book, he’ll let you get about halfway through, push it aside, and hand you ‘Goodnight Moon.’

*He loves his bath and prefers the water to stay running.  He likes to stick his head under the faucet and drink the water.  His two favorite bath time toys are a rubber ducky and a plastic starfish.

*He likes to get attention, even if it’s negative attention.  Sometimes when you tell him, “NO”, he will look at you and smile, then repeat the activity, because he knows he’s getting a reaction out of you.

*He will sometimes “belly-up” to the kitchen table, where I keep the diaper bag, and suck on his pacifier, even though it is still attached to the diaper bag.

*He is obsessed with toilet paper and any other bathroom paraphernalia: The metal container which holds the toilet scrubber, the tissue holder, and the toilet bowl flusher.  I get very afraid when I see I have forgotten to close the bathroom door.

*He loves stuffed animals and anything soft.  He will sometimes pull his favorite blanket on the floor and roll around in it.  He loves to sleep with his favorite stuffed animals- bun bun and lamb lamb.

*He loves to hold your hands while you’re rocking him.  He will rub your arms and fingers, and hold onto your hands while stroking them.

*He has about a three to four letter vocabulary.  Dada, hi, and bye.  He will occasionally say Mama.  He used to babble Mama until he discovered saying Dada.  It’s been all about Dada ever since.

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