We had a packed weekend starting with John Luke beginning music classes on Saturday.  It’s a 10 week MusikGarten program similar to Kindermusik teaching rhythm, movement, coordination, and listening skills.

The children get to play with different musical instruments like bells, rhythm sticks, and drums.  The teacher sings in free tones, and ask parents to echo the tone to teach kids to mimic the sound.  There is lots of stimulation and energy in the class.

It’s fun to watch John Luke interact with the other kids.  They play well together, with  the exception, of the occasional hair pulling and face poking.  John Luke is pulling the girls pony tails already!

And don’t dare eat a cracker in front of him!  A little boy was eating a cracker and John Luke tried to grab it out of his hand.  The little boy pulled away so John Luke grabbed his shirt trying to get his cracker.  Soooo, we’ve got some work to do on our etiquette and social skills, hrr hrr.  I apologized to the dad, but he took it in stride, saying, “Well, you can’t blame a kid for trying!”  The class last an hour and they are all ready for lunch and a nap afterwards.

Saturday afternoon we went to a chili lunch at church then to a birthday party Saturday night.  I used to dread going to friends’ kids birthday parties before John Luke came along.  It’s amazing the impact embryo adoption has had in our life even in small ways.

On Sunday me and John Luke went to church, then to a play-date at McDonald’s with his Godparents, then to a Superbowl party with friends that night.  The best part of the weekend was when Josh got home from his last weekend out of town as the duck season for his guide business has ended for the year.  Looking forward to weekends with the whole family together again.


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