Jeremy was sick on Wednesday and because we had an ice storm my travel and interview plans were scrapped so I had the ability to have work at home day.  With two three year olds this can be challenging, but they were happy to have me home and did remarkably well allowing me to get my work done.  So I bring you observations and conversations from a work at home day:

Upon waking up I greeted both of them and they asked if I was going to be home.  I said I would definitely be home for the morning but I might go into the office if Daddy was feeling okay.  Maria began crying.  I picked her up and rocked her as she pitifully said “Grown-ups come back?”  Yes, Maria grown-ups come back.  Grant replied “But you know…sometimes grown-ups stay home.”

Later on:

Me: Buddy, it’s time for you to get dressed.

Grant: Not until you finish your homework.

Me: I have lots of homework.

Grant: You just try you best, Mommy.

After lunch:

Maria: Mommy, are you done working yet?

Me: No, I won’t be finished until after your nap.
Maria: Oohhh….it’s taking FOR AGES.

Further after lunch while I was on the phone with someone who spoke very limited English and was using a translator:

Grant: MOMMY!  I pooped in my diaper!!!!

After I got off the phone I asked him why he didn’t tell me when he had to go.

Grant: You were so busy workin’.

Me: But you could have told me you had to go.

Grant: I will tell you next time.  That’s the plan.

Bribery to play in the snow at lunch went a long way for morning peace.  They played well together, painted some pictures, and our normal screen time limits were lifted.  We bundled up and played outside for a little bit, but the snow was solid and when trying to make snow angels they just stayed right on top of the ice covered snow.  Maria was bummed she couldn’t easily shovel like we’ve done before.  However, we were able to get in a little snow soccer.

As we came into the last hour and a half before nap the TV was turned off and they did relatively well playing with each other.  Their bedroom door has been adorned with stickers, adding to the collection left by the previous owner and My Little Ponies and Ninja Turtles ride well together on a flatbed trailer and a garbage truck.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to work from home on occasion.  However, between managing my normal workload and managing a house at the same time, I’m ready for my own nap!


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